Greenhouse under the supervision of durenda company

High quality and reliable Greenhouses


Through this system, we can control irrigation, humidity, cold, level of medicines and fertilizers, and control the atmosphere inside the project through programming or mobile control.

Hydroponics Greenhouse

Hydroponics is the growing method of choice in a modern greenhouse. The hydroponic system is based on the growing system by which water is provided to the plant while the plant does not grow in the full soil.

Steel Frames

Our projects, when starting construction and until completion, are under the supervision of experts and specialists.

Plastic Cover (NYLON)

In the construction stages of the project, our engineers use the appropriate type of plastic according to the needs of the products.

In order to benefit from it more during the production stages so as to increase the quantity and quality of products and reduce expenses.

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Heat Curtain Systems

Installation of fly tulle is carried out flawlessly. Meshselection is made in accordance with the project. Thanksto the pulling system out of the greenhouse, the wateraccumulated in the tulle during opening and closing doesnot enter the greenhouse. There is a possibility ofself-cleaning.


When establishing the project, the method and number of wires are calculated according to the weight of the bundle and the size and type of the product