About us

Based in Iraq, Duhok. We established this company in the year 2004. We are specialized in import and export wholesale business. We are focused on t he continuous growth and transformation of the livestock sector, substantial opportunities for agricultural development, poverty reduction, food security gains and improved human nutrition.

Why choose us 

The combination of all of our capabilities listed below enables us to give our clients with the highest level of pleasure and to become their preferred partner.


Our company has served hundreds of customers throughout the world exporting and importing food products or any other product. 


We alter an existing structure or a portion of a structure. we help other organizations for renovating specific areas. 

Animal welfare 

We develop quarantine and isolation programs for animals that need to rest and recover in a safe area and prevent the spread of disease.


We mainly focus on growing seasonal and most popular fruits for import and export. 

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Mazi Land, B2, F6, A29 – Duhok

Iraq – Kurdistan, Duhok 

Phone: +964 750 0208050