About us

Durenda Company

We are a general trading company based in Iraq, Duhok. We established this company in the year 2004.

Specializing in importing products, equipment, commodity supplies as well as manufacturing and distributing other products. we provide services in a wide range of fields. We are also exporting products and equipment into Iraq.   We’re focused on commodities supplies, production of agricultural products, and animal welfare. This has been our job for years and we’ve been a trusted resource for many other companies and organisations. We are well established within our community and have worked with multiple partners in foreign countries. all our partners are very satisfied with the way we run our organisation.

Founder and CEO 

Our founder and CEO of Durenda Company, Mr. Hawar T. Hassan is an established business leader and prominent authority in the world of commerce, he’s been active in the metals, agricultural products, consumer goods, and import / export industries since 2004.